I am a Medical Doctor – a Board Certified psychiatric physician – with more than 20 years of experience treating psychiatrically disordered patients outpatient clinics, hospitals, prisons, and in the back wards of state psychiatric hospitals.

I completed my psychiatric residency training at the University of North Carolina and completed a National Institure of Mental Health Fellowhip in Psychobiology and Psychopharmacology.

I then worked in the High Management Ward of a state hospital, where I learned how to successfully treat patients who had been in hospital for years, enabling them to leave hospital and live their lives.

Having had my own outpatient mental health clinics treating the toughest cases rather than just the well worried, I have quickly successfully treated many seriously unwell psychiatric patients whom other psychiatrists had failed to treat, and have enabled my patients to remain stable and live normal lives. I am often consulted by other psychiatrists.

Currently I am the Statewide Chief Psychiatrist of one of the largest state prison psychiatric systems in the world.

Philosophically, I am an evolutionary epistemologist and love the ideas of Charles Darwin, Karl Popper, and David Deutsch, and I am currently modelling knowledge growth in economic systems.

My upcoming book on psychiatric differential diagnosis will be of interest to medical doctors and students, and also to anyone interested in understanding the relationship between general medical and psychiatric medical practice.